Tranquil TMS Costs and Fees


Online transfers, debit and credit cards are welcome. After the initial consultation, you can make a case for coverage with your insurance company.

Initial Phone Call (20 minutes with a Consultant Psychiatrist): Free

In person consultation (2.5hours with a Consultant Psychiatrist): £450

Course of treatment: Bespoke to individual based on history & severity

We charge £180 per treatment with a minimum block of 10-20 treatments depending on the condition and severity

Medi finance option available

Referral Process

We accept both GP and self-referrals. This means that you can contact us directly, and do not need a doctors referral to begin treatment. Some insurance companies can cover this treatment.

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A New Treatment For Anxiety, Depression and OCD.


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Tranquil TMS are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Information Commissioner's Office

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Rated Good By The CQC In August 2022