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Read about how rTMS treatment has changed the lives of our clients, helping them with their depression and anxiety symptoms and enabling them to improve their mental health issues without medication.

“After many years of trying many different medications, therapies and even ECT, I am so pleased to have found Tranquil TMS. I have been having treatment for a few weeks now, and there has been significant improvement in both anxiety and depression problems.

I am taking much less medication and have had no side effects. I was concerned TMS would aggravate my (almost always present) stress headaches, but on the contrary, they have now disappeared completely. Also, the staff are lovely. Friendly, courteous and genuinely care about what they are doing. Highly recommended.”


Mrs PM – Patient

“Having suffered with depression for 15 years I entered a period of crisis for which I sought the help from TranquilTMS. My initial consultation identified that before depression treatment should start it would be beneficial to treat anxiety. This was excellent advice and within a week of anxiety treatment I felt able to cope with normal life without panic and nervousness.

I have received 20 sessions for depression and have seem my condition dramatically improve week by week, being virtually back to leading a normal happy life as a working mother of three. Without the intervention of TMS I feel sure my episode of depression would of continued for a longer a period of time and this treatment has provided a fast and effective recovery which has allowed me to have minimal interruption to family life and my employment.

The procedure is painless and results are immediate without the introduction of changes in medication. I was able to continue with normal activities immediately after the procedure such as driving.

I thoroughly recommend TMS treatment for both anxiety and depression and should I have future episodes of depression or anxiety I will have no hesitation in using this treatment again.
Both Dr Deshpande and Nurse Wendy provide an excellent service making me feel relaxed and at ease with the whole process. They both have a passion for the treatment of mental health and the service they provided has helped me recover much quicker than the normal medication route.”

Ms JT – Patient

Hello to everyone at Tranquil TMS.I just wanted to wish you a Very Happy and Successful year.I hope many more people like me get to experience the benefits of TMS as I have.I have have the best Christmas in approx 15 years.I was able to decorate the whole house and two Christmas tree’s (now I’m showing off!) Mum said she has done it for the last 15 years as I haven’t been able to leave my bedroom.I was able to spend the whole day with friends and family but more importantly to me I was fully present I didn’t use alcohol or medication to suppress any feelings I couldn’t cope with and I didn’t disassociate once.I was real and alive and my husband parents sons friends were all able to see and feel that.I am excited to see not what 2020 brings but what I can make happen in 2020 because I feel I have a life and hope again.

Mrs H

I can highly recommend Tranquil TMS and the actual treatment itself! All the team are super friendly, compassionate, caring and make you feel safe, even when you are in a bad place mentally. I have suffered with recurrent depression since the age of 14 (I’m 55 now) and been on so many different medications – I can’t even remember all their names! Plus, I’ve had several sessions of ECT. I just wish I’d found out about TMS treatment years back! How it gets you back on the right path mentally, is truly amazing! Not only that, I now feel more of an inner peace, that I don’t think I’ve ever felt before! If you’ve found the Tranquil TMS website, then you probably are looking for help. Therefore, I would highly recommend contacting Tranquil TMS and wish you all the best in your road to recovery.

Mrs P

Amazing treatment, the only treatment I responded positively after suffering from depression for 2 years. Amazing staff, very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend it to anyone suffering from depression/ anxiety.

Mr M

The initial consultation was a nice informal, informative feel to it. Dr. Deshpande puts you at ease, is very good and explains everything easily. The treatment sessions are comfortable and go quickly once you get used to them. Mary and Debi are brilliant at putting you at ease.They are supportive, understanding and really compliment the experience. I would recommend Tranquil TMS to friends.

Mr B

I would like to also add that I found you incredibly helpful this morning, I struggle making important calls like this but you put me completely at ease this morning. I just wanted to say thank you for that.


Initial consultation was very thorough and made to feel at ease. I felt confidence in the practitioner immediately. The staff are fantastic and make everything very relaxed.Very professional and very personable staff- an amazing balance!

Mrs M


You have magic hands and magic happens in this room. I feel better than I have for 3o years. I feel calm, peaceful and clear minded.

Mrs CB

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