rTMS Anxiety & Depression Treatments in Sheffield

Tranquil TMS specialise in repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) – a medication-free, non-invasive treatment for depression, anxiety and other conditions that can affect your day-to day like OCD and Bipolar, that we offer to clients in Sheffield.

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Conditions We Treat




Chronic Pain / Cancer Depression


Bipolar Depression


Seasonal Affective Disorder


Postnatal Depression

How TMS Therapy Works

During TMS therapy, magnetic pulses stimulate nerve cells in the areas of the brain associated with mood control and depression. Beneficial for the majority of patients with depressive symptoms, this treatment requires no medication and is non-invasive, which means it has minimal side effects and doesn’t impact on the patient’s daily life.

This private depression treatment is suitable for those who are currently on medication, as well as patients who cannot tolerate antidepressants or don’t want to take them. Our TMS therapy has a client response rate of 66.66%, which exceeds that of medication in those who are treatment-resistant.


Private Depression & Anxiety Treatment


At our TMS clinic, we provide private mental health assessments for those with depression and anxiety, supporting patients in Sheffield and the surrounding region. Beginning with a telephone consultation, one of our doctors will determine if the treatment would be suitable, before inviting you for a two-hour consultation in person. 

During this consultation, we will discuss your mental health history and symptoms and explain how TMS therapy works. Your private anxiety treatment plan will be tailored to your individual needs and as a result, the number of treatment sessions will vary. Each session generally lasts between 20 and 30 minutes, and because TMS therapy is non-invasive and pain-free, there is no recovery time. So you can continue with your daily plans as soon as the session is over.


Book a Private Mental Health Assessment


Tranquil TMS is here to support you as you seek treatment for depression, anxiety or any other condition, such as OCD or PTSD. Get in touch via our contact form or by calling 0800 193 0914 to arrange a free telephone consultation. If rTMS is right for you, we will arrange a private mental health assessment.

Assessments are carried out by a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at our discreet, peaceful TMS clinic, which has ample parking and good transport links from Sheffield. Flexible hours mean we can work around your schedule, fitting into your daily routine.

All assessments are conducted by a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist in a private, peaceful location with flexible hours, working around your schedule.



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