The word ‘corona’ has become so frightening and frustrating for all of us. I think, it’s fair to say the world has changed since the beginning of this year.

We have spent billions of pounds over the years on nuclear warfare programs, space programs and defense, but this tiny, invisible virus comes and terrifies us with its hard-hitting, sometimes lethal outcome. Whether you are a king or prime minister, wealthy or poor, man or woman, no one is immune to corona virus and that’s a fact.

Just think about it, for years and years we have moaned not being able to spend enough time with our families, not being able to clean the house or enjoy the comfort of our own homes. This can be taken as an opportunity. Enjoy the time we get to dedicate to ourselves and our families. Look at the positives that we could take from this unfortunate pandemic; more self-reflection time, opportunity to strengthen relationships with each other and have some ‘me’ time.

It’s natural to feel depressed and anxious. If you are overwhelmed with emotions, talk to someone who can give you a positive energy. People with preexisting mental health problems, please look after yourselves. It’s a storm, it will pass away. We have fought Spanish flu, SARS and Plague, and we will fight COVID-19 too. Please seek help by calling your support network if there are signs of a relapse. Watch out for your relapse signature!

Here are some tips to stay positive:

  • Eat healthy
  • Sleep well
  • Stay hydrated
  • Exercise – even if it is indoors
  • Practice deep breathing/relaxation/yoga
  • Think positive
  • If you have prescribed medication, take it regularly
  • Stay in touch over the phone with people who give you positive energy
  • Don’t drink too much
  • Stay away from illicit drugs
  • If you have undergone psychological therapy, think about the points you have learned there and put it in the practice
  • Listen to NHS/government social distancing guidance and stay safe!

Dr Nikhila Deshpande is a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at Tranquil TMS.

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is a highly successful non-invasive, medication free treatment for depression and anxiety. rTMS is covered by a number of insurance companies, and is NICE and FDA approved.

For more information or to book a free telephone consultation with one of our specialists, please call 0800 193 0914 or visit

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